New working Airtel Nigeria Free browsing cheat browser and download free

Just got this working cheat and decided to share it with you guys to text and tell me your findings.
ThisAirtal free browsing cheatis working more faster and downloads larger files like 1GB by just using 1mb, sounds Good but it only works if you have a valid data subscription, and best way to test it is to use like 1 to 10mb to test it because once its connect it con4tinues tobrowse and downloadeven when you have exhausted the mb
How to start downloading with Airtel 1mb
First of all, test it with Airtel normal 1mb by dialing*141*13*1#OR you can do it other wise by subscribing to Airtel 4mb for N50 by dialing *141*11*9# OR Airtel 10mb by dialing *141*11*1# but it will never work without data on your phone.
To get this mb of your's, you just have to:
+. Download the Airtel Simple server for PC by Clicking hereand then extract it to your desktop.
+. After which configure your browser with this port 8080
+. Then set your modem APN to
+. Congratulation! Just one step, open your simpleserver.exe , and hit the connect button on your modem.
While for android users, you just have to configure it with the same settings contain in the ss configure file for PC.
Note: u can use any megabits to rock dis tweak,
To understand this Airtel free browsing cheat, you need to have at list 1mb just to connect the airtal simple server and the enjoy your day withfree and unlimited free browsing


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